Incorrect net result

Hi all,

As you can see in the attached image, I have approx 60 share bought at an average price of USD 277.04 and the current sell price is USD 274.76. Therefore, the return should be around MINUS USD 137. But as you can see the return is much higher at MINUS 283 GBP (around 360 USD). Can anyone help explain the discrepancy here?

Currency fluctuations cannot explain the massive difference that I see.

Thank you!

I’m the same please we need answers

Have you made a computation? There has been quite a big change in the USDGBP rate over the last few days. I think it could account for what you are seeing. Roughly, the current sell price is £215.44. So you have lost about £5 per share. 5 x 60 = 300 GBP, close to your 283.

as @Richard.W said, FX different from purchase and then.

Perhaps queries like this would be reduced if the current sell price in local currency could be shown in ( ) as is done for the average purchase price. Eg. Sell price $274.76 (£215.44).

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True @Richard.W, but again people need to educate themselves, when investing in foreign currency , there is 2 factors, stock and fx. Thus both impact the final result.

However easy said than done. :slight_smile: So some pop up when purchasing foreign currency securities might help , or result with FX and stock impact.

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Thank you all, we did the calculation and it explains the discrepancy.