Going short query

Hello. I have Nio and bought too high so I went short and closed with a profit. The profit came off my Result in the Reports section but I didn’t see my balance go up.

Could you explain this a bit more to me please? Did I actually make that money?

Thank you in advance.

Completely depends on how you structured the order.
Hedging mode allows two positions to run concurrently, so you might have just broken even.

Would be useful if you posted a bit more information on how your orders were structured.

Your balance (account value) will not change, but the free funds will increase after you make profit.

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So I bought around 140 and when I went into serious deficit, I pressed sell and Sold 120.

Does that give you a better picture? Many thanks.

Alien summed it up nicely.

The account value is always a “live” snapshot of how your account is doing.
So I think that you have sold and pretty much broken even, resulting in the balance shown to be correct.

So your account value will not suddenly jump up, as the value takes into account current and open trades.

Hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, thank you.

Thanks heaps. So technically, my result helped me stay afloat and benefitted my account… I’ll see the benefit when I am back in green?

I just don’t know whether to count it as profit.


So i could start with £1000 in account value, and if I were to open a position the live result will be shown in my account value. So if you are up £10 on a live position, your account value will show £1010.

Minus fees and exchange rate fluctuations etc.

edit - it’s profit if the amount in the account value is now higher than when you started.
It sounds like it helped keep you afloat in this instance.

Could you help by breaking down my posted photos please? Sorry, still getting my head round it. :blush:

Ohh I get it. So I did make a profit, hence why my Closing Result was green.
But because my ‘Buys’ were down, I didn’t see a jump in profit.
I get it now.

I think!!!

Ok, so judging by the photos I think you are down : £71.98.
You would have been down : £145.77.

I could be wrong here I can barely see on my small PC im using here.

You made a profit of £71.98. It’s either up or down, I can’t make it out.

If you closed the buy positions for a loss, and then shorted the market and made a profit, then it looks like you are down £71.98.
Sorry I can’t be more helpful, damn PC is tiny haha

The total value of your account goes up or down accordiing to the changes in the price of the stock, buy you make profit or loss only when you close your position.

Haha no worries. I did close the buys, I only closed the ‘sell’. I’m waiting til sthe Buys go green!

Thanks Alien. I get that. I just wasn’t sure how it worked when you had both buys and sells at the same time. From what I gather I profited from closing my sell and will profit when I sell my buys when they are green.


Thank you both very much!

Ohhhhhh. Yea, your short made profit, this should be reflected into your account balance.
Once you close the buy positions, you will either be in the green or in the red, depending on how they perform.

They will be affecting the account value though, as they are live positions running.

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Superb! That’s great news.

I really appreciate your help, as well as Alien’s, have a lovely evening. :slightly_smiling_face:

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NIO should probably go up to 15 again tommorow or at the end of week at least in my view, today drop was probably from people taking profit (that was my plan as well but I missed it xD) if you have had enough funds you could keep it little bit longer instead of selling on loss just my point of view