Gold price different on CFD


I would like to ask why is the Gold price on CFD has differed compare to the price on And as the price goes up the difference increases as well?

Second screenshot is in the reply.

Thank you.

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and the behavior of the chart is really weird…

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Anyone experiencing a switch round? When you try to ‘short’ its registering it as a ‘buy’ and vice versa🤷‍♂️ Ive had to stop trading. Was trying to do a make a million pounds in a day challenge and now i cant touch it☹️

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something is off…

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Even customer support dont reply or get in touch. This is a major glitch in trading gold on cfd. Ruined my night!
Think im going to leave a review.

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@moneymakinggold some others experiencing it too…

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Knock knock hello customer support or programmers…want to fix your app please. Ive had to take a 200k loss because of this stupid glitch. The buy and sell functions dont work properly now, you click on sell and instead it comes up buy.

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uhuh that’s a bit worrying :shushing_face:

Fear & demand is driving Gold spreads to levels unseen in recent history. This is not the case with Trading 212 exclusively, feel free to double-check with other sources & brokers.

These stories explain why there’s a huge difference in Gold price. With Trading 212 you’re looking at Gold Cash/Spot, on Investing it’s a futures contract.

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Hi David,

Thanks for letting me know. That’s good to know.


It doesnt make sense! Lost 15% of my account because out of nowhere there is this enormous difference between buying and selling so making profit becomes more of a magic trick.

I want my money back from this but their customer service became useless with the new update.

This message showing on a competitor’s website. Spot gold prices are quite jumpy and spreads wide.

@krr13 Indeed. We’ll be adding Gold futures in a few weeks as the spread there’s fine.

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Trading212 could’ve sent out a message like that too to prevent all this stuff.