Update to CFD indices?


Since the update over the weekend of moving to futures I have noticed some changes that i am struggling to understand the reasons why, I was hoping someone else might have a better grasp.

Firstly, the difference between buy/sell prices has widened quite a lot. On UK 100 the price is between 3-5 whereas before it definitely seemed less, and looking on other platforms for tracking it seems there is a lot less difference.

Secondly, all the historical charting data has dissapeared from 1 hour below, and all data on 4 hour and above has no data for between 12/09/2018-29/05/2020 which makes trying to do any technical analysis very difficult!

Can anyone explain the reasons, and whether the issues will be resolved? I have followed some of the posts about the updates on the weekend, but they don’t seem to answer these questions.

Will this also be the new normal? We only have historical data for when the futures change over at the end of the month? If this is the new normal then i would consider changing to a new platform…

Apologies for the negative post!