GOLD - what are you thinking?

As gold price has recently dropped I was curious if people believed the $2500 price per ounce estimation may be correct? I even read about the possibilities next year of it reaching $3,000 per ounce.

How do other feel about gold? Did it hit the peak in July? Or was that a taste of things to come?

The Markets are lowering the Price of Gold as it only does better when the Markets are down.

It is a good time to buy Mining Gold Stocks as the Markets are months behind the shape of the Economy.

When we go in a Recession, Gold tends to perform better 2 or 3 years after the recession hits, then slows down.

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Gold is in a clear downtrend for now. I will buy it when it settles down. Maybe around $1700 or $1500. Nobody knows

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Gold is 1880 before the year ends

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I noticed that gold goes up when stocks are falling ! As soon as stocks are going up, gold falls

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That’s called a negatively correlated asset.


Also Golds is bought in dollars, so the price of the dollar can have an effect on gold valve.

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I think Gold is nice and shiny, and is good in jewellery such as watches.

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I always fancy having a few gold sovereigns :smiley:

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:joy: I wholeheartedly agree except I like my gold and shiny with gems it in preferably on my fingers!!

This maybe a good thread to ask the difference between two ETF’s


Is one USA and one UK? How do people feel about gold miner ETF’s?

I hold GGP shares but always keen for options.

Hold off buying my new Grill till prices drop.

Gang gang gang.