Inflation discussion on Gold, Silver, BTC etc

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I wanted to start a thread to discuss peoples thoughts on potential inflation issues in near/mid term future. Feel free to share some great articles or videos on experts discussing this.

My thoughts are if Gold, Silver, BTC etc are inflation hedges in peoples portfolios, is the aim to then sell them if value rises lots and stocks get smashed so that you can use their value to buy stocks cheap, or are you just holding for 20-30 years as a form a of wealth for a rainy day.

Please this is not a pure gold, or BTC or anything discussion, more how inflation impacts portfolios and how to hedge using these things rather than too much on if BTC is new gold etc…

Discuss :smiley:


I would be using it to fund stock purchases in such a scenario for sure.

the question is how well can you time things to get the most out of your commodity and the most shares of stock for that price. would you wait for signs the market is already turning around or rather jump the gun pre-emptively to make sure you are locked in and ready for any imminent corrections?

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It’s great to have a dedicated inflation topic.
The Big Short (Micheal Burry) recently expressed thoughts in this thread:
Comparing the current condition with the hyperinflation in Germany in the 20s.

Yes he was one of several factors recently that has got me thinking about it so starting to improve my knowledge of what ay happen inflation, interest rates etc.

I’m interested in this subject quite a lot. Anyone have any good book recommendations in what links there are in inflation, bonds, stocks, interest etc?

Industrial metals are worth a mention as a hedge too. I’m currently kicking myself for not having the balls to bet big on copper a few weeks back. Ah well, for every good idea, I have a dozen terrible ones, so it’s usually best to just sit on my hands.


I probably have the most value in Gold in this entire community.

£9.5K of physical Gold and £400 in Barrick Gold Stock!!!

So yeah…you can say I am heavily weighted in it to shoot up once the Market Crashes!!!

Barrick is probably my Indicator as to when to sell my physical Bullion.

Hoping my Investment jumps 7x so will likely sell between £5K to £10K per Ounce if it copies the 1970s to 1980s Bull Run.

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By physical you mean like SGLN or you mean ACTUAL physical gold bars? I have opened SGLN (gold) and PHSP (silver) recently, but tiny part of portfolio.

Also if Barrick is indicator, you mean Barrick will start to jump sooner than actual gold? I would have thought miners would be slightly delayed to physical stuff? Interested to know the thoughts as this is new to me.

sounds like gold bullion to me LOL. I need to find which floorboard its hidden under :wink:

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Actual gold from The Royal Mint. Haha. Love those Britannias. VAT free and no Capital Gains when I sell.

Well usually when Gold itself rises the Miners also rise so I don’t have to physically check the Gold Price every day, plus once I sell out on Physical I can sell out on Barrick in a few clicks. :slight_smile:

It is a long hold though. Probably 3 to 5 years or more as Gold tends to perform a few years after a Crash I noticed.

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Found a good image for @Hbomb if he wants to go in on gold.


YEEEEEES haha, maybe I will when I have a bit more, I am just doing paper gold though as im small fish so using SGLN. I am thinking of building it up to maybe 5-7.5% of portfolio long term, what % do you generally keep gold at @Venetia1993


CPI figure in the US reported yesterday 7.9%
It is mainly coming from the soaring Energy, Oil and Gas Price.

Based on older methodology to measure CPI inflation is actually at 16%.