Golden Nugget online gaming (GNOG) going Public via Landcadia holding 11 (LCA)

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yeh i have been looking at this too!

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Landcadia Holdings
symbol/LCA +32%

Please add LCA. I am very interested in this stock too

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+1 Landcadia Holdings II | LCA Stock

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yeh i have been looking at this too!

Yes please add this asap. Need to see this available

yes can you add this asap @David @Team212 @George

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@David @Martin @PeterA bump Please add asap :smiley:

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Now available… plan your entry n exit carefully

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Landcadia Holdings II Inc (LCAHU: NASDAQ

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Thanks for adding LCA

Lancadia climbing back up today.
Lots of bits on the news about them entering into various states. Michigan and Pennsylvania next year?

They’ve also been weighted into an ETF (BETZ) @ 2.52% that must be good news?

When is the acquisition set to close?

Feeling pretty good about a long hold with these!

Never heard of Roundhill but their ETFs sound a bit different. Definitely trying to tap into the cutting edge of modern times.

Is it good news? Hard to say as their BETZ ETF launched just last month, so hasn’t proven itself at all. Have you seen the available performance chart?

All I know about the acquisiton is it is happening in Q3.

I must confess I picked this up purely for the growth at merger date and interim period after that before it cools off. Then I’ll probably dump. Not interested in expanding my portfolio to that industry really. Going by Draftkings it could be a bit stop start.

I must confess no I haven’t seen their chart :see_no_evil: I think it’s a niche and a very decent forward thinking ETF. It’s a huge industry is online casino/gaming etc well it “potentially” could be.

I’m long on William Hill and them entering varying states, think they’ll continue to grow so I don’t need to hold too many casino/gaming stocks. No point really.

Was more pleased to see Landcadia on their list but like you say it’s such a new ETF there’s nothing to go off. So it’s sort of “great it’s on an ETF listing” but also “and what?”

I’m long but if I see a decent profit I’ll be tempted to sell and stick with William Hill :crossed_fingers:t2: