Good LSE stocks

Hey guys. I’m fairly new to investing, but after a practice on the tutorial account and some research about how it works, I got into some NASDAQ companies (Tesla, Microsoft, and more), and my stocks have thus far (touch wood) gone up in value. But I read about the importance of diversifying one’s portfolio across markets, and thought that now may be a good time to look for new potential companies on other markets, like the LSE. Although I’m new, I’ve decided I’m most comfortable with buy and hold investing for the long run. Does anyone know any companies I could do further research into?

(I also understand nothing anyone says here is financial advice) :slight_smile:

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Welcome :wave:t2: I’m in the UK however most of my portfolio is in US stocks (Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, and the like). I do have a number of UK ones though - Shell, BP, HSBC, Barclays, Unilever, and GSK (previously GlaxoSmithKline). Happy stock hunting :sunglasses::+1:t2:

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Would you consider say an ETF of the FTSE All-Index or the FTSE 350? (100 or 250 also options)
The FTSE100 are generally the largest 100 companies on the LSE and the 250 is the 250 largest companies after the 100. The FTSE 350 is the combination of both.
An ETF of the FTSE would usually be market cap weighted.

Those would probably offer the greatest diversification.

For worldwide equity diversification you may want to consider global tracker ETF, including emerging markets.


I have a lump in an isa , in a bank where trading is slow and expensive, so looked for FTSE, . I should move it but it takess a month.
I looked for Uk based efts - FTSE350 with sector specificity . To date financials have done well, also I think it was tourism related. Drugs co’s would be worth a punt, they’ve gone all quiet now we’ve forgotten covid, but at some point it’ll heat up again!.

Watch for underlying dollar investments - exchange rate shifts could be big, so you’re betting on it.

Personally, an investment trust might help with the diversification you need?

A high number of them are trading at a discount to NAV, that may not change on the future to your benefit, but if you’re planning to invest long term, could still be a good entry point?

I’m mostly US stocks (43 in total)

But UK listed I have Diageo, Halma, Astra Zeneca, Hargreaves Lansdown, B&M.

Dutch listed I have ASML & Adyen.

Other European stocks on my radar, but not purchased yet include LVMH, Hermès, Essilor Luxotica, Lindt.

Hey man- thanks for your suggestion. I will do further research into ETFs, in particular the examples you mentioned. They sound potentially very good. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look into these. Also looking at Christian Dior and a couple of others in continental Europe (but haven’t made a decision yet, as I have only just begun research). Thanks!

Thanks for the welcome! I’m also British, but so far only AstraZeneca is in my portfolio (bought the dip). These look interesting, especially GSK. I really appreciate the time and thought you and others put in to helping me!

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Haleon is worth a look as well.

My biggest issue with non-US stocks is the financial analysis and data isn’t as freely available so harder to make a call on the companies.

Haleon is a recent spin off of the old GSK, so the above point on data holds true even more.

I hold, Legal and general,Unilever, BP,BATS,Assura, Reckitt benckisser and CTY(investment trust) that is it for my UK stock list, aside from my vanguard funds of course.DYOR.

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