UK Tech/Growth investments

I’m thinking of adding small amounts to some UK tech companies just to help me monitor them.

I have the below shortlisted, any others I should add?


Dunno if I am just ill informed but I had to google these tickers to find out who they are.

Either that says something about UK tech companies profile or my lack of knowledge. You did say small companies tho, so maybe thats why.

I’d also like to invest more in UK companies and the LSE in general.

I like to look at the following and have a flick at ordering by different time periods using the column headers.

OCDO and CWR + ITM are ace and fairly well known as solid choices. The others MWE PBEE TBLD I had to look up. :sweat_smile: Deliveroo I’m cautious on.


I’ve started monthly cost averaging into Vanguard FTSE 250 etf (VMIG) alongside SP500 and Emerging markets etfs.
Until I feel a bit more confident researching and picking individual UK growth winners.

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Didnt know Deliveroo’s ticker off the top of my head and I wouldn’t invest in that business if you paid me to. Terrible company.

So we’ve established its my lack of knowledge then :joy:

I’ve added in Hyperlinks to the LSE for you :crazy_face:

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I’d say good growth plays, TGP is a bit riskier than the others.

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Cheers. Will add them all to a google sheet, so can share that for folk to track over time. Is it worth creating a form for more stocks to be added, maybe include a buy/sell signal and a username?

Might be interesting to see how well people’s recommendations do over time, and if their buy/sell markers are right.

People really underestimate the 250. Check it out compared to the s and p 500 over the last 12 months.

VUSA is my larger holding admittedly though, but I also have a position in VMIG

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A longer timeframe is also interesting. The notable drift since 2016 we can probably guess the cause of.

For myself, to gain great exposure to the uk tech sector, I’m invested in Herald trust.

A global technology trust which has around 50% invested in the uk.


That trust seems to trade at a nice regular discount.

But then a what 15% discount into something that returns 3x every ten years is not a bad investment!


What’s the fee look like on it? I wonder also how it looks compared to VUSA

Just looked at the fact sheet, 1.08% fee and impressive return since inception

I’ll stick this one on the watch list

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What App are you using there please? thanks

Stock Master, it’s a free download.

You can pay and you get more than two watchlists and portfolio tracker (which doesn’t work for any currency other than USD).

Great for charts etc, it’s a bit clunky so bare with it

Thanks for the info, what are the indicators like for reliability/usefulness? do you find the data is up to date?

Thanks again.

I like them, but I’m a simple long term investor, opposed to a trader.

If you’re looking for more chart data etc then use trading view.

I track index’s a lot, so it’s perfect for me. It’s also handy seeing the futures easily.

And the data is pretty up to date, I’ve not checked the market caps etc and I’m not sure where the data is derived from either.

I am a longterm investor also, just wondering if it would indicate a good idea of a fair price to buy at for stocks I am not familiar, giving me an idea whether to research them further.

For example I have me own entry points for certain stocks I know about and have researched, I’m wondering if it lines up with whats considered fair market values and good opportunities to buy at.