Google finance upgraded

has anyone else noticed google finance has been upgraded? from what I can see the changes are:

  • new homepage redesign with new crypto tab and coloured icons.
  • earnings calendar
  • ability to compare multiple stocks charts.
  • crypto now added, which means in google sheets can now get crypto prices (great for those portfolio trackers)



Have they also upgraded their Tickers in other markets rather than the US?

Sometimes my UK Stocks work but other times they won’t be recognised. (I know you use “LON” before the Ticker)

All the tickers work but for LSE is LON:GGP for example.

I was getting excited there for additional features to use in Sheets!

is this all free to use?

yes of course, check it out. if you sign in with google account you can create watchlists

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the ability to get crypto in sheets now is definitely welcome and will save a lot of workarounds people are using since it was removed a while ago.

thank you for this, much appreciated.

This has been a feature in gsheets for years…

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