Share your Google tracking excel

I’m thinking of tracking the portfolio on a Google sheet with the help of Google finance, but I know nothing about it.

Instead of starting from scratch, if anyone wants to share his Google tracking setup, it would be very interesting and helpful.



I’ve seen a few on youtube

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See Ultimate Dividend Portfolio Spreadsheet | ultimate-dividend-portfolio

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I made a simple tracker which shows of forward dividend yields and some portfolio other basic characteristics (yield on costs, profit etc.), mostly focused on making it look visually nice (although to my own taste)

I filled in an example portfolio to make it not look as empty.
I put the importxml, regex stuff in another sheet (stoinks data) but ofc you can also put it in the original sheet (keep in mind that etfs/etps/etcs aren’t as supported by yahoofinance/google finance so it doesn’t really work for those, also because there’s a difference in notation from google finance and yahoo finance for non us stocks it could be that the concat doesn’t work for those)

I already filled in an example portfolio. Remember that everyone has different tastes so this might not fit what you want to see from your portfolio (this is just a simple tracker which has barely any fancy stuff)


These look great! I am having a go and test it

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