Free Google Sheets Fundamentals Screener

Hi there, I wish to share a free screener that allows you to screen stocks based on certain financial performances eg netincome, revenue etc over the last four years or quarters. It is a simple and fundamentals based but gives you alot of flexibility and analytics when screening!

Check out below:

Tell me what you think!


It looks pretty good - we need more of this stuff on the forum :ok_hand:


Ahhh thanks. That is every Data Analysts dream right there!

Btw Dougal if you take my survey you can have access to the other NYSE, LSE and Euro Dashboards for a limited time. Just head back to the link if you are interested.

Much thanks

It looks like this member only joined to promote his spreadsheets:

Nothing wrong with it, but it’s just a pity.


New link coming soon guys! Everything posted for free now!
Financial Dashboards:

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