Gore Street Energy storage fund

Anyone had a look at this stock? Saw a article about it on yahoo, has a 7% dividend yield, management looks good and pretty stable fundamentals. Not a lot of talk of it out there so difficult to get a grasp on it.

Cant find their current holdings, positions :frowning:

What did you like about their management, if I may ask?

they have a good yield i takes a little while to buy or sell them on t212 as low liquidity hold a few just paid out a dividend nice as they pay 4 times a year

Just have a good strategy and they seem like they have a solid base to keep expanding and acquiring more assets. Just over the past two years they have almost tripled the amount of infrastructure they own. They are looking to expand into other countries which should be a huge positive in the solidarity of their dividend.

how long have you owned them?

about 6 months they trade in a fairly narrow range 102 to 110 so not much price movement

Not a bad total return in a year this one, what 12% share price and 7% yield?

I would be tempted for an entry if it weren’t trading at such a premium. Any reasons I should ignore this fact and dive in?