Ishares clean energy ETF

Looked the other day and it has sky rocketed. Is it worth investing in for the long term?

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I think yes. I’ve started investing in it.

The world has to move to a more sustainable way of producing energy.
This is not an opinion, this is science.
So I’d say it’s probably worth it.

INRG is the best. (20)

This is ripping at the moment. Great stuff. Id love for it to get to 1k in the next week or so.


I’m up over 50% on this now and I always intended to add on dips, only thing is the dips never really came so I don’t hold as much as I’d hoped to. I’m not selling tho as surely has more to go. So in theory still good to buy. Just seem odd to add when you’re up 50% and didn’t buy more when it was lower. That’s the psychological challenge


haha! Exactly :smiley:


It’s sky high on the RSI scale at the moment, so it will come, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t retrace before 1k, it certainly will after.

I don’t know if I’ve missed the boat now. Even if it goes down surely this will keep climbing over the next few years?

I just started investing in this ETF yesterday, bought 10 units for now and they are already up by 6.12% :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend:

In my opinion, clean energy is obviously going to be the future - but that future is further away than many people think. I still believe oil/gas is going to play a big part, especially when this pandemic is over/the world has adjusted properly.

I’m going to keep INRG as a long term investment for sure, just not sure how much % of my portfolio I will allocate to it… :thinking:


Honestly, unless you’re swing trading ETF’s or just looking to park a big one off sum in there, there isn’t a boat, per say.

If you truly see value in the index, and are working with a long term strategy, then the SP isn’t such a huge factor

If it goes down, then you get a better price for investing, if it goes up then you’re in + territory.

I personally drip feed regardless, I’m - in gold at the moment but I know the value is there.

Bit of a dip today, as good a time to get in as any.

I’ve seen great returns from this ETF so far.

Famous last words but the whole clean energy sector looks incredibly bubbly this year. This ETF’s top holdings are up 400%+ YTD.

What we thinking now about this dip? Expected as it got a bit ahead of itself and will kick on again? Or something else?

Yep, it’s expected. It’s incredibly overbought at the moment

First support level (Fib Retracement) is 917

Below that 875.

If it keeps 917 then it may bounce between 917 and 971 (high) zone until the next breakout.

You got charts on that JD that you can share?

Maybe a bit lower than 917 in reality, it’s a preference of how far back you want to take the lowest point

Some would go back to March


I’m on 3% with INRG, I’d probably be happy to go 5% if I wanted to and maybe up to 10%. It is a pretty good ETF for green energy, just up to you how much exposure you want to renewables, and what other holding you have that is related to green energy I guess :man_shrugging:t4:


Does any know when the half yearly dividend is due for INRG?
Dividend Max doesn’t show this ETF in their listings and I haven’t had much luck searching online… unless I have completely missed it on the iShares website.

The div tracker app lists the pay date as 12th Nov, however I believe this is actually the ex date. Other filings with LSE for other distributing iShares ETFs list a pay date as 25th Nov, but I couldn’t see a filing for INRG?