Investing in an ETF

Hello, Can anyone recommend a good growth ETF that I can just DCA every week. I’ve just been adding to growth stocks but now want to add an ETF my portfolio but can’t get my head around the UK ones can anyone recommend one that will have good potential for my money to grow and are there any fees to pay on them? Thanks


It could be worth taking a look at an investment trust like SMT, which has a reasonable ongoing charge of 0.36%. Other options include ATT and PCT, which have higher costs and are more tech focused (the latter’s not on T212 yet).

I’m sure others can chime in with ETF options.

Global Clean Energy - INRG!

Just be aware that one of the top holdings in this ETF has been accused of accounting fraud.

ENPH I’m guessing? I actually already holding them. If it is ENPH I believe the accusations to be a bit suspect as the source has done this before because the have calls on the company.

Maybe - but best to be cautious when it makes up such a large proportion of the index:

clean energy, electric vehicles, esports cannabis

IITU - ishares s&p500 information technology
ESPO - VanEck Vectors Video Games & ESports
SMT - Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust

Do I pay a fee on all ETF’s or is there only some if so how do I fund out what ones I pay a fee on? Cheers

Yeah you pay a fee on all, but these are deducted from the value of the fund, you won’t know it’s happening.

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