GraniteShares 3x Short Rolls-Royce crash

RR down 6% and the short only up 8%? Anyone have the reason for this ? Seems like these are all over the place between yesterday and today.

Spoke to graniteshares, they saying they closed at 13… something and thats around the 18% which is reflected. But trading 212 closed it 15 something even though sell price was 13 something, looks to me trading 212 are playing us with the number, his recommendation was to check the prices at the london exchange website which is the actual price, to me it seems trading 212 messed the numbers up from Tuesday. Hope that helps

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I think trading doing something!

How can we get in touch with trading 212 over this like. It’s a joke.

I chatted yesterday with trading 212 and they telling what it shows on he site its the price they get they dont controll it which is not true


Can it be added to the email about how the short price is being traded differently on trading 212 than how it should be trading ?

With all due respect this is in your investment account, but it’s a much higher risk stock than even a CFD, the stop loss is hidden so no one know what it is, can happen anytime even after you’ve only just purchased them, the stock price is constantly being adjusted to suit, there is no warning on your site explain the risks involved in “investing” in this stock, I understand that small adjustment would be made based on interest charges but -10% two days in a row? I’ve watched this stock from when you first added it and it has never performed like this before until now, I understand that some people do want to invest in these types of stocks but just adding a little bit of information to them in the “company details” like you do on other stocks might be helpful to all

I’m just a user of this forum and a T212 client just like you.
My recommendations come from my small 1 year experience and reading hundreds of posts like this on the forum.


I’m also down on RRSx3 and wish to be added.

Apologies, I thought you were talking for trading212, my mistake

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Monitoring since morning and it is moving along same path it should be I guess. As 3 x +/- with RR.

Yesterday never followed same line ?

Looks like another intraday stop loss come our way today?

This stock is ridiculous, when Rolls Royce shoots up it stops trading because of the stop loss adjustment then reopen hours later after you completely missed the short down trend!!!

Grinte only making money, even they dont give 3x money back time of profit.

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I’ve just sold @ a 50% loss because im not holding on until they’ve adjusted for the stop loss…

This is going to hit rock bottom later when they adjust it!

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wise advice , more 100% fall on 3srr

Sold at 16.1 as soon as the RR auction finished at 85p ffs…should be about 5p on the 3xRSS?

I’ve been on sell order for 25 minutes now? It not trading for me, anyone else?