GraniteShares 3x Short Rolls-Royce Daily ETP Incorrect trading

Can someone from trading 212 explain why the Rolls Royce short isn’t trading in line with the Rolls Royce long stock ? Shown in the picture below, RR was down 9.10% for the day so far, the long trades correct at 27.34% (3x the 9.10%) but the short is only at 16.34%? It should be up 27.34% opposite to the loss of 27.34% in the long stock ?

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T212 don’t control any price. They just provide market access.

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I’m not following fully ? So why is the long stock in line if the short isn’t ?

That is a question for GranitShare.
Anyway, you first need to understand how their ETP works.

From my understanding it’s 3x the % drop or rise in the Rolls Royce shares. Am I missing something outside of this? Thanks.

I’m not sure why you are asking T212 - they are a broker not a provider of the ETP. You need to ask Granitshares.

Dear T212 users,

if you have any questions about pricing of ETP, we have created a topic to answer all questions here: GraniteShares ETPs – News / Questions & Answers