Graphene and Super capacitor (battery) manufacturers?

With us on the dawn of the renewable energy movement, we are going to see a massive leap forward with energy storage technology to keep up with the demand that is needed to store renewable energy, obviously wind and solar only offer temporary supplies of the energy we need when the sun shines or the wind blows, that leaves us with massive dilemma of harvesting that energy for future usage, lithium ion and phosphate batteries are ok for small off grid applications but bringing them to an industrial scale is expensive, impractical and has a short life cycle of 5-10 years, this is where graphene super capacitors battery come in, with life cycles of over 100,000 charges and discharge, these battery caps are able to last a life time and more, can be charged with high amps in seconds vs minutes or hours in comparison to regular batteries, are extremely lightweight so would be perfect for the electric car industry but not limited to that, the phone industry is what could rocket this technology into orbit! the next gen phones will be able to be charged for the whole day with a 1 minute charge, storage of energy at the national grid will soon be a thing of the past as graphene cap storage banks will now be in individual homes and factories to power us through the peak electricity hours, obviously we are expecting Tesla to lead the way with this, but who else will benefit along the supply line as this take off? a company here in the U.K. is Haydale graphene industries that I know is on here but a lot of the other suppliers seem to be overseas and not listed as yet, does anyone know of any more companies on here or that could be added that are in this industry line or will be a major player in this up and coming technology boom?

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Applied graphene materials is the only one I’ve heard of because I know a friend who has invested in them. It seems a legitimate technology but I think it’s very expensive to harness right now so it’s one to watch for me untill it seems they can produce in large scale and is more affordable

Just mentioning, I think the first mobile phone using graphene battery technology is the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra.

It depends on whether you want to invest in companies researching graphene or companies who will use graphene.

Companies like Samsung, Nokia, Intel, Nvidia, and AMD to name a few are doing research into graphene and will also use the technology so best of both worlds.

It’s still a speculative technology in my eyes. I did a bit of research into it a few months ago and wasn’t sold.