Lithium battery recyclers

Literally can not find any stocks who specialise in this industry on T212, any ideas?

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Recyclers or companies who mine lithium?

Recyclers specifically,not interested in glencore etc

Probably a dumb question but what do you lithium recyclers ?? Like say powerhouse energy or biffa or renewi, don’t think they do lithium but they use waste for energy??

Johnson Matthey is one that springs to mind.

I imagine Albemarle will probably follow suit at some point.

American manganese, Umicore are examples. Johnson Matthey again that isn’t particular it’s a part of its operations, thought they were more focused on catalysts and bricks for catalytic converters

JM definitely do it or are planning to.

They do but I want it to be their speciality not one of a number of services/commodities they provide.

Then you’ll have to try Google.

I have and every company I find listed on a stock market isn’t on T212, hence my question.

Probably because it’s a wildly unproven market with no hope of profit at the moment.

To be honest anything focused on battery recycling has a huge market potential which is only going to grow. Take into account this is a heavily regulated sector due to environmental implications it will be big business. Anything EH&S touch grows money trees

Feel free to request anything to be added onto T212, the only thing is that it will probably take a few months to be added.

Yeah providing there’s a use for the recycling. I’d agree.

I’d be more inclined to go with a Waste Management style company. They’re the most likely to develop and run with this.