Battery Metal basket

Looking to build out a battery metal basket for the next decade. I’d like exposure to - nickel, cobalt, lithium and graphite.

So far I’ve - Albemarle, Livent, Glencore & Vale.
Perhaps MP materials?

Thanks :pray:t3:

You’ll want copper too - it’s an integral part. Gold too.

So Nornickel BHP or Anglo, Southern Copper, Freeport Mcmoran, BHP or Antofagasta etc you probably have your own idea for gold.

Ganfeng and Mineral Resources Ltd also for Lithium mining.

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You have to check out ABML. They are a start up and on OTC (they have applied to NASDAQ). But I think they are set up to dominate US battery metals supply. At this point in time the US doesn’t produce an ounce of battery metals they are all imported. In the latest infrastructure bill passed by congress they have set aside $6bn to further battery metal production. The US deems the supply of battery metals critical to national security. They want to stock pile it. The CEO of ABML (Ryan Melsert ex Tesla battery chemist) is on the governments critical materials supply board. He advises them. If you read the Infrastructure bill related to battery metals it’s as though it was written for ABML. Melsert attended the previous COP summit in Paris and had input to the government this year for the COP summit in Glasgow. The grants from the Infrastructure bill will be in $50m and $100m chunks. If you look at the competition in the North America for battery metal supply and recycling most companies are not US based (a lot are Canadian) and some are private, in other words not many will qualify for these grants.

ABML have developed first of kind green proceses to extract rare earth metals from clay and brine. They have won government grants to prove the processes and they are working with DuPont and American Lithium on that. It is predicted once proven they will license out the technology to other mining companies as at this stage mining for Lithium etc is not green and its not cost efficient. And they also own and have their own claims on around 8k acres of clay and brine land in Nevada. And they are currently undertaking sub surface drill tests on those.

Those are 2 of the 3 income verticals. The 3rd is battery recycling. They are currently building a 20k ton pilot plant to prove at scale their green first of kind battery demanufacturing process. They have been working with BASF on this process for 2 years, BASF and DOE experts have verified the process and now it is just left to scale. The chemical, water based process is non thermal. All other recycling technologies in North America use heat to break down the metals which destroys half of them. ABMLs process is green and the metals that come out are more pure than when they first went into the battery. And another major factor in this process is the speed. To mine Lithium it usually takes 5-10 years. ABMLs process will produce battery grade Lithium in 4 hours! And note, the technology to recycle is near enough the same chemical process they usebin the earth extraction side!

Google Ryan Melsert and watch some of his interviews. He is a genius and will be the industry leader for battery metals in the US.

Sounds great and competition to the private redwood materials by the sounds of it too - also ex Tesla

Do we know when they will be Nasdaq listed as I was ideally looking for it the basket to sit within an isa :slightly_frowning_face:

Could you expand this perhaps. If you consider a battery as simply an energy storage device, there are then lots of different batteries?

Im looking for EV battery materials - $lac looks another to add but haven’t started production yet

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My post got blocked (presumably for embedded links). This was my reply without the links :

Same here. I want to fill next years ISA allowance with 100% ABML. To qualify for NASDAQ I think they have to make improvements on the financial reporting side which I presume is done, then there are board changes which they are well down the line with (they are currently vetting 30 top quality board members), and finally the price. There are 2 possibilities for this I believe. One is 90 days above $2 and the other is 5 days above $3. I think the 5 days above 3 will be easily achievable in the coming months, hopefully ties in with Apr 5th.

The numbers this stock could reach are frightening. The spreadsheet below is a SP calc based on last years metal prices, Lithium is now 4 x what it is in the spreadsheet. This calc is based on just the recycling side, it doesn’t include the earth extraction tech or their mining claims. The estimate is based on the pilot plant, then one full sized plant. The numbers just for that are crazy.

There is a really good Discord group (link below) for the stock. It has a lot of knowledgeable people on there and some people who actually advise the company so a lot of info that is not common knowledge can be found.

I’ve followed them for over a year. A year ago there were a lot of risks to the stock. Now the only real risk is scaling the tech.

The previous board (3 old guys) were less than desirable. They are on their way out now which is great. However they do own millions of shares, and they are selling them at present, under an agreement which is helping keep the price down. So good news if you are buying at the moment.


ESS Tech may be worth a look.