Bug or something

Hi there,

I’m having a problem with the platform today, it seems that the charts keep changing, candles desapear, fibonacci retracement keeps changing also.
Can you guys please have a look at this it is a bit annoying.



Same the time of the charts are off by an hour on mine! Keep jumping all over the place


Witnessed on CFD Practice. Vertical lines positioned on a candle on the 1m timeframe today shifted back several days when I changed to 1d and then to the 1h and back again.

Happened on 2 stocks before I came here to report.

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I’ve noticed oddities since yesterday also. @David @Tony.V, can someone investigate this please?

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Yes, it’s very buggy! Charts doesn’t update!

Edit: I’ve just missed the correct price and bought NFLX on a wrong price :open_mouth: The chart was showing a different price. This is outrageous! :cry:

@Team212 what’s happening?


that happened to me also, luckily I was starting a position so I didn’t went big. GL

Charts have not been useful today to say the least. Hard to understand what is happening. Suspect still a performance issue with the platform.

1min chart showed huge gap-up (red candle) with vertical line through (note time).

Switched to 1h chart and immediately back again. Time on vertical line now 16:25:

Few mins later, note time of vertical line now (moved back to 16:20):


Simply can’t trust this based on the above candles.

I should add those pics are from ISA screen

@Mgl The issue’s been resolved.

Thanks David, it looks good now.


Happening again now.