My shares have been liquidated, instead of converted

Trading 212 liquidated my shares in SPRWF, instead of converting them to CGC shares.

If you knew that this would be the case, why didn’t you tell investors, after the merger announcement?

Also, what on this post, would prevent it from being posted on the message board.

Obviously my previous post was censored by Trading 212.


I think that’s always been the case.


While we understand your point, the conversion of shares as a result of mergers is not among our supported services, as pointed by @Dougal1984 . Instead, eligible shareholders are currently receiving the cash equivalent of the new shares.

Nonetheless, this is a highly anticipated feature and we are working on implementing it, but we are not able to provide ETA yet.


Nice to know this “feature” is being worked on.

I think it should be made a priority though, as investors most people are looking at long term holds, and companies can merge at any time. It would be annoying to be a longterm investor for a period of years only to have your position closed with nothing you can do about it.

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Mine too :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::thinking:.
I was waiting to be converted.