Green bank capital ($grnbf)

Hello guyz,

Alert: this stock is moving up at a high speed $GRNBF Green Bank Capital, it’s an OTC , not on T212 yet.

I am posting it as it may help retail investor to keep an eye on,

check its price on 26th April $0.7 and today 29th April $1.09 = 55.71% rise in 3 days.
Do your due diligence and research.

I wish its immediately available on T212.

It’s not penny stock exempt, nor does it have a high enough average volume, so can’t be added unfortunately.

The low volume is likely why you’re seeing such high growth in a short space of time. The downside to this is it can tank twice as quick.

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Many thanks mate, am still learning from you all.

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No worries. Easy to forget that other people are starting out.

If you’re looking to request an OTC market stock, best to check it out here first;

Section on the right (where it says ‘Pink Current Information’) will tell you if it’s exempt (PSE).

Overview section will usually tell you the Market Cap and Average Volume.

Security Details section will usually tell you the Float.

All of those details need to be upward of about 2mil, as well as it being PSE, for it to stand a chance of being added.