GRID:LON Gresham House Energy Storage

We need access to the UK GRID, please add.

Thankyou. @Joey_Fantana

It might be interesting, althoguh the premium to NAV is very high, about 18%

Yes but you can keep an eye on that and ‘buy’ when available. I suspect the premium is relative to low liquidity as why would you sell an asset that is performing, so a case of supply/demmand.

Very low turnover on a 576m MCAP.

Hence why I was looking at the other one, but if they hit the 8-15% NAV growth, the premium is not so high so watch and buy the dip. EDIT: Not Advice :crazy_face:

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I do agree on the keeping an eye on it and potentially invfesting if it approaches NAV with significant growth.

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