HEIT:LON Harmony Energy Income Trust

Please add this Trust - still at a good entry point. Target 8% yield in 2023, and 10% once fully invested. This potential is not yet priced in.

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Very interesting, I might look into it a bit more also.

I found on it’s summary prospectus the aim of 8p (8%) for 2023.
That’s quite high for a fund in the renewable space.

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Yeah I’m investigating all the clean energy trusts right now as they are appealing.

Gore Street is probably the closest, so a 6% yield at a 12% premium. HEIT is relatively new/unknown, and only trading at about a 2% premium. If you convert Gore back to par, you get a nearer 7% yield.

Gore has a management fee of 1% vs HEIT of 0.9%



I should probably check they are all on 212 and request the rest. No point looking at them if cant buy them here.

Requested this too:

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