Growth Stock Investing

Hello you very intelligent and amazing people that make up these forums. I sincerely hope you are having a pleasant week and doing well.

I have been doing some research and i have found that Growth Stocks have had the greatest increases over the years and Growth Stock investing can be very lucrative. However alot of diligent research needs to be done on the company, such as are management trustworthy, how much debt the company has and a full analysis of the company’s Annual Report. As i understand these stocks can be more volatile.

I very kindly wondered please if anyone could share any growth stocks they are watching or invested in, that they feel has excellent prospects, whether thats a small capitalisation or large capitalisation stock? This would really help me with my continued research and i could kindly review the stocks mentioned further. If anyone could please help me with this i would be forever thankful for your support it would mean the world to me.

Sending you lots of good wishes and i truly hope you have a wonderful life. Thanks to all the wonderful members on this forum you are all amazing with the wonderful content you share. All the very best to you and take care.

I hold SMT for growth. The portfolio includes many of the growth stocks I want to invest in such as ASML, NVDA and MELI as well as private companies like Space X, Bytedance and Stripe.

It has a torrid short-term record but an excellent long-term one. The fees are reasonable and it’s trading on a 18% discount to net asset value.

An ETF like EQQQ would be a good cheaper option, or a ‘quality growth’ fund like Fundsmith if you want something less gung ho.

As you say, investing in individual stocks is research-heavy and time-intensive, so I prefer to pay someone else to do it due to that opportunity cost.