Hasbro Dividends 2020

Everything I can find online indicates that Hasbro distributed a dividend payment of 68c per common share, paid on 17 Aug 2020. However, within T212 I only received 58c per share. I can not see an indication of why this is or anything in the T212 terms about it.

So my question is where is the extra 10 cents per share? Why was it not paid at the 68c amount?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community. There is 15% US witholding tax deducted. 68 x 0.85 = 57.8. You may be able to offset this against any ldivdend tax you are charged by your own country.

A thread you can read:


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the infomation, makes perfect sense and thought it would be something like that but not sure exactly what.

I would think it’d be nicer if T212 broke it down more clearly on the dividend payment/notification to show the tax element deducted. Would be easier to understand.


Is this applicable for stocks held in ISA tax free account? So I should base my dividend analysis on getting 15% less from any US stocks?

Yes. That is correct. US does not care about UK ISA wrapper. They still take 15%.

That sucks but thanks for info, I will factor that in to my dividend stock purchases that US need to be reduced by 15% to compare with UK return.