$HCMC vs $PM Lawsuit

I understand there had been a few Topics regarding $HCMC and looking at the current “Hotlist” (HCMC being #5) it seems there are a lot of people invested.
As $PM have just requested a dismissal of the claim, I wondered whether anyone within Law or some knowledge would give their opinion on the matter.
Many Thanks

The issue here is that PM is huge and can afford to string this out for years and HCMC just don’t have the finances to truly fight PM on a “level” playing field therefore personally I can’t see this ever making it to court or a settlement announced anytime soon!

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Hello! Any buy/sell limitations known for HCMC? (I am considering to sell it high then returning on a dip and I don’t wanna screw it up. :slight_smile: )

Here I can read here that there’s a 1,000 shares minimum for buying but there was a value limit too, never displayed here, only when we want to buy.

The minimum quantity for market orders is 1000, while the minimum value for pending orders is 400 USD.

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Thanks! You mean, making as a Market Order, we can buy less than $400 value? The $400 minimum is for Limit Orders?

That is right, the minimum of $400 is only for pending orders such as Stop and Limit. You can submit market orders for HCMC with whatever value you would like as long as it has above 1000 quantity.

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