HCMC shares buying issues

Hi there! Anyone having issues buying HCMC shares? I try to buy 20k shares all day and it won’t go through.

Try breaking your order down into several smaller ones. This seems to be consistently better for getting orders through on all pennies, not just HCMC.

They have been going through but do take a few hours. I’m assuming there is a queue!

Been waiting to get filled since opening bell :roll_eyes:

Anyone else having issues with this stock. ?
When it was down under 10 few weeks back I was trying to buy more to get my average down. But the orders were just pending for days so i eventually pulled them.
Now yesterday the hcmc price hit my break even so I tried to sell . . But the market sell order was just pending for ages . Again I eventually had to stop it because the stock price started falling again.
So for the past three months I’m holding a stock that I can’t average down in, and now looks like I can’t sell.
It’s a bit of a mess .
It’s all very well saying hold long. But when the time comes to strike its no good unless you can actually do something with it

That’s part of the risk of trading low liquidity stocks. I’m in the same boat. :upside_down_face:

HCMC is an OTC stock and has low liquidity, therefore, order execution can be delayed. Once the liquidity conditions allow it, the orders are executed at the best price available on the market.

Hi, When will HCMC get fresh data, because I see only 28.05.2021 candles on the chart? I would like to buy more shares, but low liquidity does not allow it. The uk.tradingview.com shoes 1.25B volume now!!! What is the issue here at T212? Cheers

Ok. As I see it’s working now. Thank you :grinning:

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Ah, ok. Thank you for your quick response. :vulcan_salute: