Help buy HCMC stock

I don’t know why i cannot buy shares of HCMC could you please, guide me thanks


What’s your issue exactly?

We might be able to assist with more details.

it doesn’t load and when i try to buy shares it doesnt show the purcharse screen thus i cant accept it

i thied to put a limit order and it says “try again”

I’ve just placed an order without issue. It did warn there was a minimum of £1 the order had to be, however.

Granted it says this when I try to do a Limit Order like you describe. Given how cheap the stock is, why are you trying to do a Limit Order?

@David Could this be related to IB issues?

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i performed a market order and it went through but theres a problem with the limit order

Which you can see I agree with, however that’s not what your initial support request was all about. More context helps solve issues sooner! :raised_hands:

Hopefully @Team212 can chine in here soon.

thanks man, i’ll try to give more details next time.


14,000 shares for £1.05 that’s mental lol :joy: think they’d reverse split or something.
Minimum order on any stock is £1, so that’s why.
I’m not sure if it’s simply because the value is so low you can’t set a limit order on the stock

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I would like to hold 100,000 shares of anything, I might try this :smile:

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Its worth spending 1 pound. Probably better odds than the lottery.

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seems legit.

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i might do some dd on it

I sold them again! :rofl:

Hopefully don’t regret the decision …

Sure there’s an explanation behind the drop from 2013 onwards. More to the point, I went looking at the off chance.


I would hold it nothing to lose really though it has worse odds than the lottery

some people are hyping it on twitter…so who knows

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@David @Team212 i don’t know if i should open another thread…but please could you update this stock chart and the price aswell?

What is wrong with it? I was able to buy it today all seems fine.

Have you look at your avg.? did you know where you bought?? is there any chart? did it let you buy a considerable ammount of shares at once?..