HDLV or HDLG (Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility)

How do I decide which is the better choice between the USD and GBX options?

Edit: I live in the UK and have GBP as my Trading 212 base currency.

You might want to do it based on which currency you think is stronger (or going to be stronger over the anticipated time horizon of your investment).

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I am not 100% familiar but I just did a quick search and saw that they were both pretty much the same apart from the currency.
In that case, it does not really matter because T212 does not charge an exchange rate commission. It would only make a difference if the GBX one was GBP-Hedged, but that does not seem to be the case (from a quick search).
Also, they both seem to have a 0.30% OCF / Fees, so no difference there either. If I were you ad had the option to choose, I would have it in pounds, but it really makes no difference.
Obviously that is what I have figures from a quick search and based on my very limited knowledge, so I am not sure.

Btw… in the same topic… it may be interesting to watch:


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Went with HDLG (GBX) in the end. Thanks :slight_smile: