Hedging against the FX?

Forex markets are screwing me on my US stock buys, was wondering if shorting the dollar will hedge against the FX issues.

if already in the loss though are you not going to be still down on it? unless taking a bigger position to cover the losses

Yes, I will still be down however the dollar is looking like it won’t recover especially because of Biden potentially printing 3T worth of dollar for his projects. The idea is to protect any further losses


yeah its going to be a crazy ride over the next few years, question is, if your long on certain stocks, at what point do you get out to mitigate the losses?

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I’m using a strategy that will tell me when to get out. The issue at hand is the FX side. I may even just focus on UK stocks to avoid these FX issues.

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its unfortunate that its the world standard a lot of things as it could pull a lot more down than just stocks held on US markets

If your goal is long term…


Thank you for the article, I guess I was mistaken.

I dont understand, are you trading with large volumes or investing long term?

FX issues should be negligible in the long term