What the hell is going on with the dollar? 🤨

So I’m just looking at some of my US investments from march, :neutral_face: and I’m very much down on the FX. The worst is close to £200 lost one on.

Started a new position with LAC literally last week, down £6 already on the weakening dollar :exploding_head:

Need to have average plus FX impact really to see where break even occurs.

Any sign of a reversal?

Thats a good 10p lost for every $


USD is a nightmare as a lot of people expecting it to run it’s course and pop it’s lid

Down near £20 on fx on NIO alone lol scared to look other account :see_no_evil:

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We’re all in the same boat then!

Just wait and see what happens with the deal they’re trying to get. If the pound falters then US investments will suddenly become more valuable.

Just checked GNUS I have ticking. :ok_man:


Ok, maybe we aren’t quite in the same boat… :rofl:


This one I’ve only just started the swing like how can it already be £3 lost :sob:

Come on US sort it out.

It just makes it that much more difficult to make a profit. We need the share price to increase even more than someone in the US would to make a nice profit.

Come on LSE let’s have some (decent) SPACs for us :grin:

Look at it from positive perspective, your fresh funds give you more dollars to buy them sweet companies. :christmas_tree:


My worst is 6% on one of them :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

If a deal gets announced the pound will get even stronger as well I’m assuming.

Maybe when Biden is actually in the certainty might make the dollar stronger? COVID is also way out of control so could this affect the sentiment?

Couple that with the US stimulus plan of a free 600 for people (which a lot of people really need obviously), does this weaken the dollar further? That being said, everyone is printing money right now

EDIT:- to Vedrans point, that’s very true


I’m taking an absolute hammering here too. It’s just broken a weekly high level and bounced off the 200MA so there could be worse to come :-1:


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At least there is the excitement that January 4th brings with Brexit :roll_eyes:


Go Pound oh yeah! :sweat_smile::shushing_face:

Apart from jokes I have diversified among $,£,€ so I don’t really mind what currencies do except for temporary joy or pain.

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Welcome to one of the most crowded trades.

The current short positions on the dollar.

Just hedge it if you don’t want the volatility, your portfolio should have a hedge of currencies if you aren’t in your functional currency. Most hedge funds have it in their risk disclosures that they will allocate part of their portfolios to fx mitigation.

I think a lot of research needs to be made until you can answer this question.
And even then it’s hard.

I’m resurrecting this thread this morning to say, ouch

And what about Chinese stocks? Uh lala :weary::weary::weary:

could be worse, seen someone bought 150 shares in wire card just before the sheet hit the fan :see_no_evil:


Haha shit I heard about that :sweat_smile: