Beginner on the trading market

Hi traders.

I hope everyone is safe. I am completely new to this and want to learn how to trade. Maybe most of you managed to learn without anyone showing you the ropes which I understand.

Any tips on which steps should I do at the beginning will be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Maky

Good to see you. A good place to start is with the T212 YT channel, there are dozens of videos for beginners wishing to learn the basics not just about using the platform but trading in general.

Then you could read the help articles on here too and then open a demo account to get a feel for the environment, test out and analyse what you’ve learnt.

On YT you will also find many other experienced traders sharing their knowledge, I read books and checked out multiple platforms before I got going and I learned about investing before I started devoting time to learn trading but all in all the most helpful material I’ve digested has been found on YT and the learning is an ongoing process for me, I don’t believe I will ever stop learning new things.

And though I used demo accounts here and elsewhere first and found it really useful, I found the learning really takes off when you’ve got skin in the game, demo trading can never replicate live trading in my view but I wouldn’t skip it, it’s part of the process.

Best of luck on your journey and always ask if you need something, there’s many good people here that do their best to help.

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Hi Rocky.

Thank you very much for replying. I do really appreciate that.

I will start focusing my focus on the steps you mentioned above.

I do have lots of questions as everything is new there is so much knowledge to digest.

It is reliving to know that you can ask here and people take time to reply.

Stay safe, have a good evening.

Hey Maky,

just wrote this on another topic:
I always follow Peter Lynch’s advice:
“You buy a company, these are not lottery tickets… do your research on every company.”

Followed by Warren Buffet:
“Buy what you know.”

So far, these are my mantras for investing.

I really recommend the books:
The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham
One Up On Wall Street, Peter Lynch (at least this one)

but if what you mean by trade is day trading, gambling with chats and alike… then forget what I wrote :grin:


Hi Iaguiar.

Thank you for your reply.

Nah, by trade I meant to understand how to use the market, strategies on long term, read the system and all that it comes with it.

I just had a look on the book “On up on Wall Street” and after i read a few paragraphs it allready caught my attention.

Thank you.

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