VanEck New China ESG



Please could you make this ETF fractional please :pray:t2:

Take care

VanEck New China ESG - CEBG.L


Out of interest, how many ETFs do you hold? I notice you’ve requested a fair few and I wonder how performance compares with an all-world tracker.

Currently I’m invested in 8 trusts, 12 ETF’s and 7 stocks.
Performance LOL, like most, i’m currently getting battered. Down around 20% YTD.

Re this ETF, I did sell out of all my China exposure a few months back. But now I do want some exposure. Just a little, but I feel the china tide may be turning positive. This ETF looks good, and with China, I’m just creating a small PIE, away from my main portfolio. just in case :slight_smile:

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Hey, @RVP - the instrument will be available in fractions shortly :white_check_mark:

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Hi there
ETF - is like ishares ETF right, they are in fraction - I have been buying them on the dips like GSPX