A bug in the profit and market price?

Hi All,

After having done some math I realised that there are issues with the profit and market price of the shares I bought. Is that normal or is it an issue I’m having with the platform?


No Shares: 90
Bought at Price/Share: £86.1939
Total should be £7757.451
The platform shows £7490.62 (it can vary depending on the pre-market price but not of £300)


No Shares: 90
Bought at Price/Share: £86.1939
Price/Share currently: £104.50
Total should be £9405

The platform shows (Market price + profit) £8,772.33

As you see there is almost £630 pound for only one stock. I believe it’s an issue on the platform showing the wrong amount/profit or are they some sort of hidden fees?

Thank you

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Is the stock in GBP or other currency?

Are you definitely looking at the sell price and not the buy price?

No ok I understood how it works, thank you so much

The stock is in dollar however the share per price by the number of shares bought should be independent from the currency. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong

The price you paid (in £ or $) will not change, but the current value changes with the exchange rate. A difference of £300 is under 4%, the GBP/USD exchange rate fluctuated up to 13% over the last few month.
You can look at the historical charts and make the calculation, and if you still find a significant difference, T212 team can look further into it
Does this make sense?

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It does make sense. Thank you so much