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Can anyone explain to me why the details in my open positions tab don’t seem to add up?


How can I have bought 1 share at 30.00, It’s current price rises to 31.56 and my result is +4.37 (19.11%)


Probably exchange rate. What stock is this and what is your local currency?

stock is MRNA… local currency is GBP

Yeah, it’s exchange rate. By buying that stock, you have also exposed yourself to the US dollar as it is a US company. US dollars have massively increased in value over the last few days reducing the GBP/USD exchange rate. Your dollars are now worth more pounds than when you bought the stock.

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So the “price” is what I paid in US$?.. The “current price” is the current price in US$?.. And “result” is my gain/loss in GBP??

Yes that is correct.

So how does $1.56 equate to £4.37?.. Wouldn’t that be something like $0.35 to the pound??

No it’s $31.56*0.87=£27.45
Less £4.37 = £23.09

So you paid about £23.09 for the position.

Edit: The 0.87 is the USD/GBP exchange rate

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Ah… I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

Does this mean if I buy UK stocks shares it wont do the same thing? Thing is my US shares shows me a UK price equivalent and it still doesn’t work out ??

You will need to provide more information about your position. But if you bought a US stock in the last few days, you will have lost money due to exchange rate as the US dollar has fallen in value after a massive surge upwards in the dollar index.

This wouldn’t happen with a UK stock. But it will happen with Euro stocks or anything in a foreign currency to you.

So I’ve gone to US Stocks and bought a single share in Snap Inc. as stated in the app for $11.83 or £9.85. This was 2 days ago. Right now their stock is claiming to be worth $12.18 with +2.10 (20.83%) but Im making a loss even thought its supposed to be up?? And if I go to buy another share at this higher price it would cost $12.18 but that calculation says only £9.77. in the app right now. So I know the dollar is effected but did it really get effected so much in the last 2 days that a +2 and 20% is still 0.91% down on the investment. Because thats the only thing that does add up. It says i bought it at $11.83 (£9.85) Sell price is 12.18 which by today’s comparison is £9.77 so the dollar is supposed to have lost 8p worth of British currency if you sold today?? Im in it for the long run but didn’t understand how that works.

Some of this is not correct, $12.18 - $11.83 only equals $0.35. Roughly a 3% gain.

The calculation about losing 8p seems right. Although this doesn’t tally up correctly with seeing a loss.

Try posting screenshots of your positions and the time.

So you see the dotted line (My purchase) at $11.83. Today its upto $12.18 but thats calculated at 0.8% loss. Is that the what the dollar crash has caused then?? Like I said in it for the long run but doesnt make sense right now. Thanks for all the quick an clear replies.

So currently: $12.18 * 0.80255 = £9.77
0.80255 = Current USD/GBP exchange rate

Your 1 share when you bought it was worth: $11.83 * 0.83326 = £9.85
0.83326 = 26th March 14:00 USD/GBP exchange rate

£9.85 - £9.77 = £0.08

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I admire @nickspacemonkey for having patience for people with clear problems in pure math.

Not sure how someone can say 20% gain from 11.83$ to 12.18%… :man_facepalming:

People, before you come to here and ask same questions all over again. Do basic math, do FX math. Everything is fine, non is scamming you. Kkthxbai

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Sweet thanks for your help Nick. And noo I haven’t said a thing about scamming so not shore what Vedrans pointless post is about. I’ve done my calculations too if you read properly I was asking about the reason not the sum?? The picture I posted already states the sum both in dollars and pounds no need for a single calculation. Basically to confirm the dollar crash. Thankfully people like Nick understand me or the fact I’ve been on here best part of 4 days.

There was no ill will, just curiosity on how people risk their hard earned cash without time invested in self education.

Thats the thing that baffles me the most…