Help needed for online Income tax filing in Germany

Hello everyone,

I would like to understand how do german residents file income tax themselves (i.e. without availing services of a tax consultant) for the capital gains while using trading212 for buy/sell.
Since online filing is way cheaper (35 euros vs ~200 euros), I would like to know if a tax consultant will be a MUST.

From what I understood, if one has an account in a german bank/broker, then the bank/broker withholds tax and the investor would probably get a certificate at the end of the year using which he/she can file taxes easily online. Does trading212 provide any such certificate?

I currently use an online platform to file taxes, it asks for entry of capital gains etc. Assuming one has to perform all calculations himself, my questions are:

  1. Is it sufficient to report capital gains as per one’s calculations? I don’t see a way to declare buy/sell price of shares. Maybe it’s not needed.

  2. In case of ETFs, one is supposed to pay pre payment tax. There are calculators available for that. Can one simply use those calculators and report capital gains.

Thanks a lot.


I’m trying to not think about it yet to not ruin even more my 2020 haha

As far I understood, T212 will provide us a sort of “log registry” of all 2020 transactions and you have to do all by yourself.

I’m strongly considering move everything to TradeRepublic or Scalable Capital, depending on how painful will be the tax declaration.

Merry Christmas :santa:t2:

@laguiar Merry Christmas. I understand :slight_smile:
since I did not take any position in 2020, I wouldn’t be receiving such a log. I would reach out to you/the community early next year to at least get a sample.

Given that transferring positions is not possible, one really needs to look at how helpful t212 is wrt tax filing.

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@laguiar and everyone else. Wish all of you a happy new year. Did someone get any doc from trading 212 and could assess how easy/difficult it is to use to file taxes in Germany. Having a sample template would be great. Thanks.

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Not sure if it’s already available, I assume it’s not yet… I will check later in the web version.
Meanwhile we can ask some help from @David :innocent: