Filling Your Tax Declaration in Wundertax Germany 🇩🇪

Hello All :wave:
I’ve thought of having a dedicated topic for helping each other filling our tax declaration in the most popular platform in Germany :de: which is Wundertax.
It would be very beneficial if others who have done it before to jump in and give help here on how to calculate these fields using the current export CSV available in the App :man_shrugging:t2:


YES following the post! It is a real pain to fill this form using the sheet


These videos might help you!

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There’s no English translation :slightly_frowning_face:

@MostafaMohamed if it helps, Youtube has the option of viewing the transcript. That can be copied and then translated.

It only contains german translations. No English available

@MostafaMohamed yes, just use google translate or deepl after copying from here

Or let’s wait for one of of the folks (expert in german language) to help out with explanation :slight_smile:

If you know some German, it’s easy to follow honestly.

Here’s also an easier video to follow:

Yup, let’s hope someone who’ve done before jump in and help!

Hello, could anyone figure out how to file taxes online with the information T212 provides?

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bumping up the post.

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