Informations for Tax declaration in Germany

Hi there,

quick question: do i get all relevant info for tax declaration in germany? e.g. ETFs are more complicated here to declare it the right way.

Second question: Will Trading 212 give me 100% of the profit i make or will it keep taxes from their country?

thanks in advance


Yes, all relevant information is present in the statement which you’ll receive.

No taxes are applied on our side. The local authorities may add such upon filling in your declaration.

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Do you know what is needed?

Next year declaration will be a pain for me :joy:

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Yes, i know. Following Informations are needed for the german tax declaration:

for each ETF/Fond the trader is (or was) invested in the declaration year!! :

  • ISIN
  • Type of Fond (depends on the quote of stocks): Stocks- (at least 51% stocks), Mixed- (at least 25% stocks), property- or other Investments
  • is the fond declare or retain the gains?
  • value at beginning of the year
  • value at the end of the year
  • amount of dividend
    –> This is needed to calculate the “Vorabpauschale” (even if you dont sell the fond) --> best would be if Trading 212 is also calculating the Vorabpauschale and pin it on the information sheet.

in case of selling the fond within the year:

  • time of buying
  • time of selling
  • historical price and costs of the sold amount the buyer had
  • sale price
  • other costs relating to the sale
    –> therefore: profit between buying and selling

@Tony.V: Are you sure you will provide all this relevant information in the annual tax information sheet?
Would be great if you can provide an anonymous example. And: If there are not yet all informations and you have questions how to provide the right information or calculate the Vorabpauschale: please ask :slight_smile:


Yes, I would also like to know this, since this sounds like a big pain in the peep. Especially, if these topic is new and your are making the tax declaration yourself.

Wanted to start with stock shares, but if there is no clear statement, I would rather go with a german broker then get surprised.

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The yearly tax statement consists of two parts.

The first one contains your personal information as entered in your account and verified with your documents (names, email, customer number, tax ID, etc). It also outlines the period of your trading activity (the tax year) and your overall result. If you have CFD and Invest accounts, both would be included.

The second part of the statement comes as a separate attachment and shows your entire trading history for the period. It shows the time of opening of the position, time of closing, open price, close price and result.

In case you need anything more specific to meet the requirements of your local authorities we can issue it upon request.


Will there be info about the 15% “Quellensteuer” ~ Source Tax paid on dividends? We can deduct that from our capital gains in some cases.

As per my understanding the “Quellensteuer” is a “Withholding Tax” for your dividends and it is already taken into account considering the fact that you are receiving the “Net Dividend”.

Nevertheless if you need anything more specific for your Tax Authorities, please contact us directly.