Help please ! New trader here

Hi all I am relatively new to trading and just starting to understand the basics but I need your help. I own some shares in PLTR, on my portfolio it says my investment is 3.4 shares at £80.76p. on the return part it says I’m up +£14.12p but if i go to sell my shares I am only able to take £80.86p which is 10p more than what it says I have invested. Am I missing something?

When you buy shares you pay the “buy” price (ask price), if you close your position you well sell for the sell price (bid price).

Better way is to work with limit orders. So you can set your own price you want to sell for.

If you shares are US shares, you can also check the FX impact. There can be a huge difference when GBPUSD rates will move fast up or down. Especially with larger positions.

Hi, I have re read through your reply and yeah it makes more sense now. It seems trading 212 doesn’t show you each individual investment you have made, it only shows you what return you have made except for in your portfolio where you can see how much you have put in all together. I’ve researched on limit, stop and stop limit orders and I will definitely be using them from now on, especially the stop loss.

thank you for your help.