Help with paper trading account


I am very new to the prospect of trading so forgive me if this is a stupid question; but the price in which I have bought shares on my paper trading account don’t seem to add up, I’ve attached a screenshot

As I’m sure anyone can work out, buying 5000 shares at just over £1.4706 would not cost £108.50. But these numbers also show that in total of 2 trades, only £116.30 has been spent. I obviously know some how I am reading this wrong and would like to know exactly what these figures are showing. I am very inexperienced so not looking to invest really money any time soon, only when I have much more understanding of what I’m doing.

Thanks in advanced!

200*(4.250-4.212) = -7.60
5000*(1.4706-1.4486) = -110

-7.60 + -110 = -117.60

Seems to add up to me. :nerd_face:

You only will be in profit when the sell price goes above the price you bought at.

If you only intend on going long (wanting the price to go up), I would just consider opening an ISA and Invest instead, much simpler interface (and with ISA no CGT put £20k in that and £30k in Invest).

If you cock up going short your £50k is potentially at risk in CFD otherwise.

The CFD is really for intraday or quick swings. If you are new to trading I would strongly advise not to use the live account, and use practice mode only until you have been trading for a bit and have a solid grasp of how to trade.

Whilst Invest/ISA you can only ever lose what you have bought, and you only ever make a loss if you sell for less than you paid. The only downside is you can’t get leverage or bet against the market in those, but you only want to do that once you really understand the game.

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