Help with understanding the exchange market from the exported file

Hey there,

I need a bit help with the exported data from Trading212.

In summary, is there way to understand the tickers’ Exchange from the exported file?
For instance, this is VHYL from me exported file.

When I try to upload it to Yahoo Finance, I need to specify the exchange, like VHYL.AMS.
The ISIN can be same for other exchanges and is not very helpful. This is a good example as same ticker is in different exchanges, see;

Can you give me a piece of advice how I can find the right ticker without digging into my Trading212 account? When I check it on the UI, then I understand I need to use the Netherlands one :wink:

If there is no way to understand the exchange from the exported file, would it be possible to add a feature request on adding the exchange on the exported file?

Thank you so much! :pray:

PS: I have a Python script, which generates a summary of the exported file so that I can upload to Yahoo Finance. The reason of the process is that Yahoo Finance does not let me to upload the long list of transactions on their system :slight_smile:

I get your point, @minasm, and that’s a nice suggestion. We’ll evaluate the options to implement a separate column in the extractable .csv file that specifies the exchange.


Thank you @Bogi.H
In fact, for now, I’ve developed a basic model :slight_smile: Seems like working fine. For many of the stocks, there is no issue as well.

Will let it run for a while and see how it performs.