Helpful Script for Tax purposes


maybe you already know that Trading212 is providing a tax statement for the last financial year. But for my tax statement in Germany it’s not detailed enough. Therefore I created a small script that can help with that issue! It’s providing more details about dividends, paid taxes for dividends and the split of profits in domestic and non domestic.

It’s using Trading212 CSV export feature. The script is publicly available on GitHub: GitHub - AlexanderBabel/t212-taxes

Maybe you find this script useful for you own tax statement.

Thanks for reading this post and have a nice day!


I was thinking that Portugal was too demanding on tax reporting, but now I see that we aren’t alone.

You can your script know the EUR taxes withhold in USD/GBP stocks if T212 doesn’t don’t show them in EUR or the Exchange Rate used on the dividends? → @Team212

Hey @RLX,

First of all, interesting that I am not the only one that has this issue here in Germany.

Yes, you are right. T212 does not provide the exchange rate for the tax on dividends. Therefore, I use the exchange rate from a public api. I order to get the historic exchange rate, I use the transaction date of the paid dividend.

Well thought!