Hide Investment & reverse list alphabetically

I would really like to be able to hide an investment, which I can toggle on and off. Sometimes I want to make a very long term (10 years) speculative investment - I want to set it and forget it - which is hard to do when I see it every time I log in. A simple hide investment feature would make my user experience of this service much improved psychologically, especially when said long term investment is in deep red. It’s just a pain to see and tempting to sell when I shouldn’t. The weakness is really with me, not with this service, but some sand to stick my head in would go a long way.

Also being able to reverse the list of investments alphabetically would be cool. One particular investment beginning with the letter T is at the bottom of the list despite being my largest. Just a minor thing but it bugs me every time. (Alternatively, being able to create my own order would be even better).

Thank you for your consideration I know you guys probably have better things to do than make small tweaks on a whim but I think it’s worth asking for.



I believe reverse list alphabetically you need to toggle the instrument tab see below

Hiding investment red & green wouldn’t help at all as it doesn’t change the simple truth…just because you choose not to see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

If you are experience that much psychological effect to hide the “losses” then the stock market isn’t for you


Thanks but I can’t find the toggle. Are you on phone app, desktop. Mac/pc? I’m using the browser version from an iPad which works very well generally.

I think the stock market is for everyone. But maybe looking at stock market fluctuations is not for everyone - that I would agree with - hence my request.

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I use windows desktop - click on instrument tab to toggle from A-Z alphabetical order

You can also click on the other tabs to arrange your portfolio how you would like

Ah its the advanced view - thanks. Although I prefer the basic view.

Figured out I could put my painful investments in their own pies away from my larger positions and it looks so clean now.