Hiding name on T212 web version

Hi - i want to record my screen showing the T212 web ISA account but how do i hide my name?



you will have to manually edit your video to hide it. there is no built in feature to hide details because normally the only person who should see the screen is yourself.

Most screen recording software can record a part of your screen. If you exclude the upper bar, it won’t be visible. Only downside: the tabs are also not visible, but you can mention which chart your audience is watching.

Thanks dao & chantal. It does seem like a basic requirement to be able to hide your email address when looking at the desktop version. Doesnt look like they do much development on the website version as it looks the same as the CFD version i used two years ago

You could use inspect element and remove the name.

Didn’t know what that was but looking at it I’m not sure that would work with video