Add option to hide balance and only show percentages

Many finance apps allow to shake the device for example and mask the balances.

It does not need to be a “shaking” but just an option “show %” or “hide balance” would do.

Can you add this?



Regarding the web-based app, privacy mode can be enabled from account settings → trading preferences. Аll you need to do is toggle the key to the right, and all of the sensitive data in your account, like your email or balance, will be blurred out.

For the mobile app, we’ll keep you updated on any developments :v:


I agree this feature would be very useful, in the app more than on the website.

I am often with people talking about savings and investments, and I always mention how much I love Trading 212 as an app/service, but I never show them the app as I don’t want my actual numbers to be visible.

I’m 100% sure many would have become T212 active users if I had the opportunity to show them the app around.

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this :+1: we need this asap in the app as well

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