Historic chart adjustment after a rights issue

What should happen to the historic price data charts after a rights issue? I ask because for Rolls Royce on here the historic chart price is the same as before the rights issue in October but on most sites like google and investingdotcom their charts are all adjusted down by 1:3, anyone buying RR shares on here may be expecting them to return to the prices of before the rights issue displayed on 212 but the reality is that the current prices are not far off from before the market down turn in February, can anyone confirm which chart is being displayed correctly?

Just to make clear what I’m saying, both google and trading212 are showing the same price but the previous chart data from before the rights issue is different!?


Trading 212 don’t seem to adjust any chart price history after a rights issue. I would personally prefer it if they did. Always check plenty of other sources before making any purchase.


That’s interesting I wonder why they don’t? With a stock split they change them but not for rights issues, I saw that a lot of people are investing in RR on here at the moment with the Trading212 app, I wonder how many are checking it against other charts? Because the highs and lows for the year are completely inaccurate to the current price, That’s good advice that you are giving, thank you

Take a look at Hyve group. That’s another classic example! You might be expecting that to go back up over 1000p!!

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Yeah I see! People gonna be super disappointed and wait till earnings reports and price predictions come out, that’s when people will start looking at the charts but by then it could be too late!

rights issues dilute the current value of a share., not its historical price. so why do you expect the charts to be adjusted for this?

people shouldn’t look at a chart and think “because it was there once, it will go there again now” anyways and changing the historical chart isn’t going to make them make better decisions.

I didn’t expect it to be, I was asking who had it right!!! As I said already the historic charts on many other exchanges for Rolls Royce have been adjusted on the historic chart and not on here that why I asked!!! It was a simple question! What’s with the negativity on your replies all the time? I see it a lot on here! The point of forums are for people to get information on!

Dao I disagree, price history is relevant and price changes depending on the float.

If you see wild price history should do your own due diligence and check for rights issues but tools assisting are helpful.

I am not being negative, I am giving a matter of fact answer to a question that has come up more than once. any perceived negativity or offense is on your part not mine.

@Gfclappah appropriate tools are absolutely essential to making the best decisions, I find the issue comes when the wrong things get adjusted.
It would be more useful to have notes on the charts similar to what we can see on simplewall.st where the dates of things like stock splits and rights issues were introduced. that way we can still compare the prices of pre-/post-rights-issue and trust the numbers are accurate without messing with the recorded facts of “this is what a share traded for on day x at time y”. the changes to price and float are current, not historical, so should be accurately updated from when the rights were issued since the companies financials were altered from that point onwards and not before. I wouldn’t want to be doing my DD and then find that the pre-rights issue price is not correct because it’s already been adjusted.

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Yes historic prices are important. Notes on charts would be good but charts could end up very messy depending on where your gonna draw the line with what notes you put on. At the end of the day as long as you do your DD then you won’t go wrong :+1: