RR price history

Hello, can anyone advise on the following? Was watching YouTube vid on Rolls Royce (was UK vid, am aware US citizens have access to trade with RRYCEY, but sure this was about LSE £) and the price chart used didn’t seem to correspond with the T212 chart, history-wise: e.g. YouTube £ history for preceding 5-6 years would have highest price just in excess of £3, while T212 max around £10-12 (in fact, was over £6 just before Covid hit Feb 20)? Can anyone clarify? I’ve checked out Yahoo Finance history and that seems to agree with the <>£3 max over preceding 5 years. Thanks in advance for any clarification.

Hey :wave:, let me DM you so we can check that together.

They had a rights issue in 2020. Share price was over £10 before Covid.

I meant well before covid. Here is their DRIP history, https://www.rolls-royce.com/~/media/Files/R/Rolls-Royce/documents/investors/c-share-issue-and-redemption-information-jan2009-jul2021.pdf

You can see share price peaked at over £12 in 2014, and was £6.77 for DRIP in Jan 2020