History export pdf


Love the app and the service but there is one problem that I haven’t found a solution yet, and that is tax reports. Every country probably needs different information. I received my tax report, but I can not use the information provided.
The thing is all the information already exists in the History section of the app/web (except the dividend tax which I read you will be adding).

So my suggestion, if not mentioned before, an export option in the history section, after applying the time filters desired (probably the previous year) with all the information in a formal pdf that can be used for tax purposes.


This should be something that they will need to take in consideration eventually. Every big broker provides financial statements for tax forms.
I guess that now they are a bit occupied with the back end structure and new updates coming up. Lets hope that after everything passes (even this virus) they would start implementing a solution for financials


As a new user I was surprise how basic the history was (barely any filters) and that no export was available.
How do people even keep track of what they have to report for tax reasons?
Let’s hope for improvements the updates may bring.